VoIP for Business

Business VoIP services is commercial-class versions of residential VoIP services that provide small and medium-sized businesses with advanced features and functionality such as private branch exchange (PBX) capabilities, conference calling, desk-to-desk calling, music on hold and automated attendants.
While residential VoIP plans typically feature a flat-rate pricing structure and allow for only one call at a time, most business VoIP and enterprise VoIP providers offer tiered usage plans and support multiple simultaneous calls.

Call Center Software

Call center CRM software, also called call center CRM (customer relationship management), are software solutions that help call center agents access the right information and knowledge about a customer's history to improve the overall customer experience. Call center CRM is typically desktop software that integrates with existing telephony and back-office applications.
One major benefit to using call center CRM software is that it enables call center agents to access information and knowledge in real-time to deliver the correct information to customers during telephone and online support calls.

SMS as Value Added Service

ACS is leading provider of SMS Services and mobile solutions, we provide high quality routes to most operators across the globe, with our Robust SMS platform and our direct connections to more than 100 operators and carriers you can make sure your SMS is always delivered at competitive price.

We are specialized in mission critical traffic, A2P and high volumes clients.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX generally provides the same features and services as a traditional private branch exchange system, but hosted PBX eliminates the need for building and managing an in-house PBX system. The service provider, typically a telecommunications provider, Internet/cloud service provider builds and hosts the PBX system on its premises. The hosted PBX is connected with customer/client telephone systems through IP-based networks and/or the Internet. Once a call is received, the hosted PBX routes that call to the corresponding client. Similarly, the client/customer connects to the hosted PBX using IP-based phones in order to make a call.


IPRN (International Premium Rate Numbers) are kind of special telephone numbers, generally used for business purposes to access a number of customizable and programmable application services. These services may include live chat, directory enquiries, technical support; and audio and text alerts for news, sports, weather forecast, mobile ringtones, videos, games, and horoscopes.The charges for these numbers are usually higher than that of the ordinary numbers

Online Faxing

Internet fax software replaces one end or both ends of a conventional fax transmission. Software can help users to send digital copies of a document from a computer or mobile device to a fax machine, where they may print out on paper. Alternately, users can send already scanned and digitized documents in digital form, or they can use some forms of Internet fax software to digitize a fax before sending it.
Internet faxing helps with some security issues involved in handling physical documents at their destinations. It also helps because since the messages are sent over the Internet instead of telephone lines, senders don’t have to pay the higher fees associated with traditional faxes.

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