About Us

Our Story

American CallShop Corporation was founded in 2008 located in USA and UK with a vision of raising the bar of excellence in service. Our team backed up with highly professional technical concept with practical knowledge of today’s VoIP business platform. Our success is maintained by the talent, skill, and experience of our consulting and management teams. We invest heavily in cross-training our consultants, which has given us one of the best technically skilled and well rounded teams in the industry.


Rebranding Period 2018

There are many reasons why professional services might consider rebranding. Most of them are firmly rooted in a need to reposition the company in the marketplace.

After 10 years of business we have decided to be more dynamic. Based on that we are lunching our new website with customer and vendor interaction modules much efficiently. We will keep posting updated features where work load will be centralized for both parties.


Expanding Period: 2012

When you successfully create a connection with your customers and employees, many of them might stay loyal for life -- and you'll have the chance to increase your overall profitability while building a solid foundation. But achieving that connection is no easy task. The companies that succeed are ones that stay true to their core values over the years and create a company that employees and customers are proud to associate with.

Keeping the value of connection American Callshop Corporation started its 2nd journey by registering branch office in UK in 2012, focusing on regional based customer relationship. We have the goal to keep on our success by spreading our footstep globally.


Back in 2008: Footstep

From 1998 to 2008, there were over 200 telecom company failures, including bankruptcies, closing shop or going up for distressed sales to competitors. Given that telecom companies generally all use the same routers, switches and fiber optic lines, what is it about one of them that enabled it to succeed dramatically?

Yes considering all before failure and success ratios American Callshop Corporation started business since October, 2008 by registering first footstep in New York, USA. Depending on that time market condition with our skilled team we didn’t had to look behind. At first our mission was to provide dedicated customer service which rewarded us full customer satisfaction since starting to till now.

Making it all make sense.

American CallShop Corporation is able to consistently deliver top quality services to its clients by bringing together highly talented people in a creative, collaborative environment. Our dedicated, trained and experienced professionals are always available to help our customers improve their results.

Your Vision, Our Future.

To maximize productivity, reduce costs and generate new revenues for our clients by leveraging our world class professional expertise in providing high-quality IT and Telecommunications solutions that meet their unique business requirements.