Over the last 10 years American Callshop Corporation has developed many unique and diverse relationships with direct carriers worldwide, with particular focus given to hard to reach niche routes. Working with carefully selected quality partners via bi-laterals and direct routes, we can provide your customers an excellent service.

Wholesale VoIP Services

We manage to use our broad suppliers’ base at its full potential, delivering high quality routes on all regions of the world. If your customers demand stable QoS with aggressive rates then we offer you the most affordable international termination, created for providers whose customers demand the best available rate in the market.
Our direct routes cover almost all key places in the world. We cooperate with other exclusive terminators and have established direct connections with providers from Europe, Asia, America and other major regions. We offer almost 100% A-Z termination coverage and constantly work to expand our network of interconnections.

Premium Retail & CLI Service

Our agreements with direct suppliers, POPs and interconnections with carriers of any size allow us to provide the best price-to-quality ratio on the market. We offer competitive prices for our VoIP CLI Routes with excellent levels of ACD and ASR. We implement multi-level route testing before adding them to our routing system to ensure your uninterrupted connectivity to any point of the world map.


American Callshop Corporation offers carrier level co-location service that enables customers to place their telecommunication and datacenter equipment in our state-of-the-art co-location centers. Rack space or footprint services are provided along with high-speed connection to our IP services. Co-location service is available at various levels thus customers can choose which activities they want to outsource to us and which to perform themselves.


Software Services

We offer variety of software solutions for the Telecoms industry. From Wholesale Billing, LCR management tools and Next Generation Calling card platforms, we have software that can make life easier. Customers expect high-quality IT services and stable cooperation. That's why we want to be a partner for them that offers proven services. We know that quality and credibility are what counts in business first and foremost. The more we are proud that our clients associate with us for a long time.


• Full-redundant, resilient power supplies and cooling systems.

  • High Bandwidth with guaranteed up time to 99.99%
  • Very Professional NOC team with 24/7 support.
  • Major VoIP equipment setup support.
  • Compatible with Most types of hardware.
  • Top Quality Worldwide Call Routing.
  • Real-time voice traffic quality analysis.
  • Integrated Reliable Billing System.
  • Flexible Payment methods Bank-wire, paypal, western union etc.
  • Friendly sales team to meet your demand.

Lower Cost to Maximize Profit

We connected with large number of suppliers in this trade to assure you most cost efficient traffic rates. on the other hand as a result we also connected with most of the re-known customers from tire one to medium grade to match the supplier rates without much compromise of quality. Thus our Partnership may maximize your profit.

Economy Routes

We can offer very economy rates with bulk volume which is pure wholesale traffic.

Standard Routes

Standard delivers most competitive rates with quality strictly maintained by our QoS team.

Premium Routes

This will offer best Quality traffic without tolerance of quality issue with a competitive price.

Our call, anytime, anywhere!

American CallShop Corporation is a leading integrated Voice over IP Solution provider and widely spreading its business over the Globe. It is dedicated to provide customer management services and A-Z quality voice termination. So you can call anytime anywhere.


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